Black Bath Hair Mask Tone Intensifier & Apple Vinegar Hair Spray

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The Troia Hair® Black Bath Toning Hair Mask is a powerful toner for black hair, intensifies the color, deeply hydrates the wires while nourishing them, leaving them shiny, strong and darker. It has a tinting effect and partially covers the white wires.


With clean hair free of any residue, apply the product all over the hair, strand by strand, massaging thoroughly. Leave on hair from 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with water. Finish with a conditioner to seal the cuticles of the hair.

Apple Vinegar Hair Spray 300ml

The Apple Vinegar Hair Spray Troia Care® acts as a restorer for damaged hair lacking shine and with split ends. It is a great way to restore the pH imbalance. The Apple Vinegar prevents cuticles from opening, allowing them to retain their natural texture and shine. It helps strengthen hair, provides softness, making it more vitalized, hydrated and reduces frizz.