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Kit Keratin Treatment Organic & Photon Lizze Supreme 3 Lights - Eliminates frizz adds Smoothness

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Troia Hair Keratin Treatment Kit Organic. Smooths hair, contain anti-yellow agents, promotes instantaneous capillary rejuvenation, rich in keratin, acts quickly in the reconstruction of the capillary mass affected by chemical treatment. It transforms the elastic and rubbery threads into totally healthy, soft and stronger hair. Developed with the exclusive TROIA HAIR technology based on an amino acid complex that aims at recovering the fiber structure. It contains proteins and amino acids of low molecular weight that act in the replacement of cortical mass, working quickly to repair and rebuild the entire area affected by the aggressions of chemical treatments.

Troia Hair Anti-residue Shampoo was carefully developed for all hair types, promoting a deep cleaning on the threads, removing the accumulated residues that leave the hair heavy, opaque and lifeless. It is recommended for use in all the Troia Hair line that requires anti-residue shampoo and can be used with other brands. The formula promotes the opening of the cuticles to prepare for other hair treatments.


1 - Wash your hair with the Anti-residue Shampoo included in the kit.

3 - Dry it 100% from roots to ends.

4 - Apply the Keratin treatment Organic from roots to ends (use a brush or your own hands (with gloves) + a comb).

5 - Leave the treatment on your hair for 50 to 60 minutes. Do not exceed recommended time.

6 - Rinse 50% of the product.

7 - Dry your hair with a hair dryer, finish blow-drying your hair straight and then separate your hair into several sections and use the flat iron on each section for about 15 to 20 times.

The Photon Lizze is provided with very high technology, capable of providing spectacular results to the hair. This is because its 450-nanometer blue light waves come into contact directly with the hair cuticle, obtaining longer lasting and surprising results. When in contact with the hair, the laser initiates chemical reactions between the compounds of the product distributed in the hair, potentiating its effect and prolonging its durability through the penetration and fixation of the product in the hair fibers.

Used for hair treatment with greater safety and effectiveness, providing with cold light rays, making techniques such as straightening, moisturizing, and relaxation healthier.

It is a photonic accelerator system for Keratin treatment, dyeing, balayage, relaxation, hydration, reconstruction and straightening.

Photon Lizze

The emitted LAD (laser) is of 5W, making the focus even bigger and reaching almost all the head, without the need of applying it strand by strand. Due to its innovative design, Photon Lizze does not heat up during handling, different from other models, because it has a cooling system.

Main applications:

 -Keratin Treatment

 -Hydration, Balayage

 -Cuticle sealing



 -Capillary Therapy

Advantages of the Photon Lizze:

-Allows you to have straight hair without putting your health at risk

-Reduction of the application time

-Softening of the capillary fiber.

-Color durability (does not fade).

-Provides shine, fixation

-Smooth, relax, model

-Restructure the capillary fiber for new chemical processes

-Does not alter the internal structure of the hair

-Opens the hair fibers and fixes the product on the hair