Stunning Original Brazilian Keratin Treatment & Moisturizing Mask - Oil Control

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Thermal Sealing completely transforms your wavy, curly or unruly hair, making the strands absolutely aligned, frizz-free, soft and renewed. Keratin adds shine, reduces frizz, and diminish the appearance of split ends by bonding the hair back together, amazing results in one application!


  • Does not contain formaldehyde;
  • Natural straight effect;
  • Promotes smoothing without damaging the internal structure of the fiber, thus keeping the hair healthy and hydrated;
  • Compatible with any hair type;
  • No strong odor, does not irritate eyes or nose;
  • Protects against heat aggression.

Step 1 - Anti-residue Shampoo:

Indicated for all hair types, with PH 7,5 elaborated to prepare the hair to receive the Thermal Sealing (Step 02). Its formula is enriched with a blend of active ingredients that cleans efficiently and strengthens the capillary fiber, ensuring performance and shine.

Step 2 - Thermal Sealing:

Formulated with Proliss® Gold, which was developed with latest generation technology, composed of a Blend of organic Amino Acids, Brazilian Keratin, Sunflower Oil and Argan Oil. This complex promotes the nutri.sealant effect, an intense alignment to frizzy and wavy hair, treating the fiber, gradually and progressively changing the structure of all types of hair, leaving it loose, silky and with natural movement.

Directions: Dry your hair with a hair dryer, finish blow-drying your hair straight and apply the product strand by strand, leave it on for 40 to 60 minutes, after the pause, rinse 50% of the product and dry your hair. Then separate your hair into several sections and use the flat iron on each section for about 15 to 20 times, sealing the hair wires well.

The Moisturizing Mask Furacão Qatar Hair Cosmetics helps combat excessive oiliness, nourishes the hair, promotes softness, shine and protection. Its formula, enriched with activated charcoal and Patauá oil, contributes to healthy hair growth by controlling oiliness of the hair. The Furacão Moisturizing Mask protects the hair from heat, dust, pollution and residues that can get stuck to the scalp causing excessive oiliness.
For best results, apply the shampoo first, then the hair mask, and finally the conditioner to seal the cuticles.