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Troia Hair Gelatin Collagen Replenisher 8.4 oz

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Troia Hair Gelatin - Collagen Replenisher 8.4oz

The Tróia Hair Hydrating Gelatin helps to restore the hair fiber, restore shine, replace lost collagen, making the hair beautiful and healthier.

The Troia Hair Moisturizing Gelatin is recommended for all hair types, especially hair that has been straightened or colored. Troia Hair Gelatin has collagen in its composition that protects the hair, strengthens and gives shine.

Hair Benefits of Troia Hair Gelatin

- Deep hydration

- Intense shine

- Rich in collagen, which provides strength, elasticity and in addition, forms a protective film around hair strands.


Apply directly to wet hair after washing, separate the hair into 4 equal parts and apply the product strand by strand, covering the hair thoroughly. Leave on for 15 minutes before rising out. Rinse well.

Moisturizing Gelatin is extremely important for hair growth and vitality. It contains a protein that provides shine and strengthen hair. Collagen provides softness and helps in water replacement. When we use proteins, we are replacing what has been lost through chemical and physical processes.

Contains: 1 Gelatin 8.4oz