Our History

In December 2016, Grupo Troia Cosméticos entered the cosmetic market with the launch of its first product. Its trajectory gained strength in January of the following year, when it opened its first commercial space in São Paulo.

The company’s rapid growth is the result of a lot of dedication and commitment to consumers. The brand launched the Keratin Treatment Organic, which reached beyond national borders, such as Paraguay, Argentina, Dubai, USA and Europe

For 12 years, selling multi-brands, and bringing together the best professionals in the business, the owner learned the routine and needs of salons, and reports: "We seek to innovate with quality, and we fight a battle in which the one who achieves excellence wins.

"Standardizing excellence is sort of o battle, he reports, as he explains the choice of name. "In the plot of the movie Troy, Helen's beauty motivates the story, and at the end of the movie you learn the lesson that transparency is what keeps an empire on the rise. We strive to bring beauty to each of our consumers. and at Troia Hair, all are welcome!".

After one year in the market, Grupo Troia Cosméticos conquered its first factory with the merger of Exatbel Industria de Cosméticos. This achievement allowed it to standardize its exclusive formulas, developed considering friends and partners in every salon in Brazil and around the word.

As a result, it expanded, what was once only one brand Troia Hair Cosmetics, it has grown and today we have the following brands: Qatar Hair Professional, Raiz Line Hair Treatment, Elfa Cosméticos, Troia Care Cosméticos, Qatar Care Prevent Care, Lisorganic Professional Care.

Yearly, the Troia Group brings innovation to the market and strives to conquer it with high quality products, ensuring beauty to all the consumers

Now, in 2022, Troia is launching the Makeup and Electronics line.

All products are cruelty free. They do not have animal components and much less submits animals to cruel tests.