Complete Hair Chronogram Shampoo Conditioner and Hair Masks - Qatar Hair

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Each mask can also be used interchangeably depending on the hair's need for nutrients and restructuring.

Complete Hair Chronogram Kit (7 Items) - Qatar Hair

Kit contains:

  • 1 CronoTrat shampoo
  • 1 CronoTrat Balsam (conditioner)
  • 5 CronoTrat hair masks

Step 1: CronoTrat Shampoo prepares the threads for the hair chronogram. The treatment begins with gentle cleansing and, because it is a high-hydration shampoo, it does not damage the hair. After washing, just follow the hair care routine, alternating between hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction. Each stage offers a specific solution for the hair strands. The shampoo leaves the hair clean and soft, ready to receive the Qatar Hair chronogram.

Step 2 (Use the Mask according to the hair's needs): Qatar Hair Chronogram 5 x 500g Cronotrat


The QATARESTORE Nutrition Mask restores softness to dry and parched hair, replenishes the capillary mass lost through chemical and daily aggressions, combats porosity, dryness, and gives shine. Thus, the hair regains its natural strength and malleability.


Bananut treatment mask intensive is recommended for all hair types, it is part of the hydration stage of the hair chronogram, thickens fine hair, whether straight, curly, colored... noticeable results after the first application.

S.O.S Hurricane

The intensive treatment mask S.O.S. Hurricane was developed for damaged and brittle hair, it enters the hydration step of the hair chronogram, strengthens and protects the hair. It has emollient action, which contributes to the reduction of split ends.


The Impact Qatar Mask instantly treats the hair and gives a long-lasting straightening effect. Composed of activated carbon that balances the oiliness of post progressive brushing, since hair tends to be oily after procedure.  It keeps hair straight for longer, reduces frizz and leaves it intensely shiny.

Emergency 1.9.3

Emergency 1.9.3 Reconstruction Mask, enters the Reconstruction step of the hair chronogram, fast recovery in sensitized hair and restores the vitality lost during chemical processes such as coloring, bleaching, relaxing or straightening.

Step 3: The Cronotrat Balsamo is an important ally after the capillary chronogram. It restores and closes the cuticles of the threads, after receiving treatment, giving the hair the necessary nutrients to make it healthy and malleable. It guarantees untangled and super soft hair and can be used as a conditioner for daily use.