Detox Purifying Hair Shampoo & Concentrated Hair Mask & Apple Vinegar Spray

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Detox Care Treatment

Detox Care has the power to clean and detoxify the scalp, leaving strands more beautiful and healthier.

Oiliness: as it has a deep cleansing action, the detox absorbs excess oiliness and regulates the production of natural oil in the strands.

Hair growth: by stimulating blood circulation, detox stimulates healthy hair growth. This is because it promotes a metabolic detoxification by removing harmful substances. In addition, the exfoliating power deeply cleans the skin, unclogging the pores and allowing healthy hair to grow freely.          

Antioxidant action: helps to keep away damage that can be caused by free radicals to hair cells. Healthy hair cells are essential for hair growth and health.

Cleaning: removes cosmetic residues, chemicals, pollution, chlorine, and salt accumulated on the scalp. This is why detox is not only indicated for oily hair, although this type of hair is the one that most benefits from this procedure. It is not indicated that the hair detox is performed very often on naturally drier strands, it is ideal once in a while, when the scalp is intoxicated.


Powerful Hair Mask 1.9.3 Concentrate

The 1.9.3 Poderosa reconstructive mask nourishes damaged and chemically damaged hair. Its exclusive formulation with Bio Restore, cassava extract and Karite butter repairs and fills in the damaged structure, providing intense hydration and leaving the hair soft, smooth, shiny and malleable. For chemically treated hair.

You should always shampoo before masking but then apply hair conditioner on your hair after applying a hair mask to seal the cuticle.

Apple Vinegar Hair Spray 300ml

The Apple Vinegar Hair Spray Troia Care® acts as a restorer for damaged hair lacking shine and with split ends. It is a great way to restore the pH imbalance. The Apple Vinegar prevents cuticles from opening, allowing them to retain their natural texture and shine. It helps strengthen hair, provides softness, making it more vitalized, hydrated and reduces frizz.